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Click-to-Text Message Extension Out of Google AdWords Beta

Mobile ads are growing in importance and Google AdWords has moved to fill in the demand. The brand new click-to-text message extension allows advertisers to connect through sending texts to their target audience. And the good news is it’s just come out of beta and is now available through AdWords.

What’s New With this Google AdWords Extension?

The brand-new extension has been in the testing phase for a few months now. This new feature will let advertisers connect with companies all over the world. And this has the potential to fill in the blind spots caused by businesses not responding to cold calling.

When a business receives a message via AdWords all they must do is click the screen and it will open the relevant app on your smartphone. There’s a slight change in the interface, such as extensions appearing below the main ad. What this does is let advertisers add a call to action in the form of extension text.

How Click-to-Text Will Work with AdWords

Advertisers select the text that they want to pre-populate their messages with when one of their targets clicks on the extension.  You’re going to get better engagement rates because you’ll be able to better guess at what they’re interested in.

Google charges based on every message extension click, in the same way as a regular click with a search ad. You’ll have just as much flexibility with the click-to-text function as you would with any type of ad. For example, you’ll be able to set what time of day your ads appear at, so you’re only texting businesses during business hours.

Reporting in the Click-to-Text Extension

Reporting is critical to the success of click-to-text. The extensions tab will deliver the reporting features for this form of advertising. Unfortunately, AdWords won’t be able to offer a 100% accurate method of measuring results due to the nature of this type of advertising.

As soon as the extension connects to a business’s mobile phone or messaging platform AdWords can’t continue to track. Advertisers must come up with a method of tracking results when it gets to this point by themselves. But there is a variety of options on the market today, so this is easier than you might think.

Best Practices

Google is planning to roll out this new feature to the wider population in the next few weeks. Google has already released a click-to-text message best practices guide, so advertisers can start reading up on how to make this work.

Many of the advertising principles you use elsewhere are still relevant here.

The Main Takeaway

Click-to-text results will always vary based on the industry niche you operate in. It’s important to test and compare your results with the rest of your industry so you know how you’re performing.

How will you take advantage of click-to-text?

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