LinkedIn PPC

LinkedIn is a powerful social
networking tool for professionals
that allows extremely targeted
Pay-Per-Click adverts to be
displayed to its users

What is it?

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool for professionals. Like other PPC ads, you display short advertisements to targeted users. Once the campaign is deployed, you only get charged when users click the ad to visit your website.

How Effective Is It?

There are currently 380 million LinkedIn users which is 28% of the online adult population¹. If that doesn’t make you want to immediately write a PPC campaign, consider these statistics: LinkedIn has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate (2.74%) of all the main social media networks. They even beat Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77)². Lead generation is the return on investment.

Defined Audience

LinkedIn offers a menu of targeting options designed to fit their audience. Professional adults are the primary audience of LinkedIn as opposed to the casual users that propagate Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is especially ideal for B2B marketing because the top executives of the top companies showcase profiles here!

You can opt to narrow your advertising on LinkedIn by means of:

Company name
Size of company
Job title, description, and seniority
Identified skills
Schools attended and degrees earned (with field of study qualifiers)
Group membership
Years of experience

The targeting options illustrate the unique user demographics of LinkedIn. Dependent on your industry, LinkedIn is the ideal social media PPC ad route to take.

Engage With Your Audience

This professional network also offers a host of engagement possibilities. You can connect with users, share and comment on posts, join (or create) a discussion group’s, endorse user skills, and even send thoughtful well wishes for birthdays and thank you notes.

Interacting with your key audience is a perfect way to improve your brand. These “thank you” or “happy birthday” notes nurture leads. A plethora of opportunities awaits you to push out quality content and teasers which take users back to your website.

We’re Going To Need Help With This!

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²  "Social Networking Fact Sheet." Pew Research Center Internet Science Tech RSS. December 27, 2013. Accessed August 10, 2016.