PPC Predictions for 2017 – What Trends Will We See?

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You should know that PPC is one of the best ways to promote your company. Brands in all sectors are using it to increase exposure and improve revenues. Google has even talked about its plans to completely revolutionise its PPC network AdWords to suit the audience of today.  In this article we're going to look at PPC Predictions for 2017.

The key to succeeding with pay-per-click advertising is to stay updated with the latest trends. This guide is going to introduce you to the most likely changes hitting the industry in 2017.

PPC Ads Will Start to Change to Confront Spam

Google has focused on PPC this year through making major changes to what advertisers can do.

They are improving PPC ads through upping the number of formats available. You’ll see images and videos more often. So, what could be better than stopping your targets from getting fatigued?

Personalisation Will Play a Big Part in PPC Ads

Retail in general has made moves towards personalisation. Early forms of personalisation included tailored search results based on your previous searches. This is what customers expect.

Advertisers have the chance to focus on extreme niches. That will increase your conversion rates and net you even bigger returns.

It’s set to get simpler for advertisers who want to try to target extremely small niches.

Facebook PPC is Going to Grow

Facebook is the ultimate low-cost way of reaching an audience. With much lower click costs than Google, this is the place to hit your target audience. Don’t be surprised if Facebook brings out more features and make it even easier for advertisers like you to get started.

It’s well worth trying your hand at Facebook ads.

Amazon Marketing is Now a Thing

Amazon’s attempts to compete with Google with PPC ads haven’t gone according to plan recently. Amazon Marketing Services didn’t exactly get people excited. The company have eliminated most of the problems and 2017 will be the year where advertisers start to take a serious look at it.

Try out Amazon Marketing Services and you could benefit from another income stream.

The Use of Lookalike Audiences

What is a lookalike audience?

A lookalike audience is an audience built on interests. They can be built based on people who like a certain page, people who visited your website, and people who responded to your emails. They allow you to target only people who have met specific criteria.

They’re mainly found on Facebook. It’s here advertisers make them from mailing lists. 2017 will represent big growth for lookalike audiences.

A Change in the Way Advertisers Measure Results

Advertisers look at their metrics and come to conclusions based on the numbers. Advanced advertisers will always drill down into their metrics. They will pull out just the numbers that represent real conversions. The early adopters are examining the customer buying journey as a whole.

Additionally, 2017 will be the year where advertisers start to put these numbers into context. They will consider how each number relates back to the original customer action. And that could allow them to make better decisions.

Remarketing is Only Going to Get More Important

One type of PPC ad is the remarketing ad. These are ads that follow people around. They are based entirely on their search histories and represent another chance to drag someone back to your website. Let’s say that someone visits your website and leaves without buying anything. Remarketing will let your name to still appear in ads all over the Internet.

Additionally, seeing your name multiple times could bring that customer back. The potential of these ads is huge.

Even More Mobile

Mobile continues to grow in prominence. Google and Facebook added more mobile functionality in 2016, so it is only natural to assume this trend will continue in 2017.

Give mobile PPC ads a try, if you have not already. Start with a relatively low bid and fine-tune your ads for the smaller screen. Get it right and it could be a game changer.

The End of Mobile Multipliers

Mobile multipliers exist as part of mobile pay-per-click campaigns. Since mobile traffic has exceeded desktop, mobile multipliers won’t last much longer. The next year should see mobile campaigns get simpler than ever before, which is a relief to everyone advertising via mobile devices.

The Automation Revolution Hits PPC Ads

Automation has impacted practically every area of marketing in recent years. With the Google AdWords revamp, 2017 will see pay-per-click ads receive the same treatment. To make the most of these ads you need to micro-manage them.

Automation will remove much of this work. It does this through making channel accounts smaller. It only takes a few clicks to create multiple tailored ads.

Creating and managing your campaigns has never been simpler than it is right now!

Real-Time Paid Ads Data

In the past year, ads have become available that allow advertisers to get data in real-time. And not just standard data but detailed data on ad campaigns, which is a major step forward. This will allow businesses to make quicker decisions. Plus, it will allow them to avoid wasting money on ill-fated ad campaigns.

The Only Way to Advertise?

There are questions over whether PPC ads will become the only way to advertise following 2017. Other forms of advertising will continue to exist. Therefore everyone from Google to Bing to Facebook and Apple are now focusing on pay-per-click.

The relative simplicity of putting these ads together and the ability to tailor your audience is making it the best way to advertise by far.

Conclusion – Get Ready

Do not wait until 2017. Become an early adopter and you will have a massive advantage over your competitors. Testing out new strategies now will put you in a powerful position and ensure that you make the gains you want in 2017.

Which one of these trends is most relevant to you and your company going into the year 2017?

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