Google Shopping

Behemoth comparison shopping
search engine which allows
potential customers to peruse
products in in the easiest format

What is it?

Google Shopping is a behemoth comparison shopping search engine which allows potential customers to peruse products in the easiest format imaginable. Type a product into the search bar and thousands of products with associated pictures, price, and reviews appear displayed in simple elegance. A shopper’s dream (and arguably a husband’s nightmare). Are you on Google Shopping yet?

Google Product Search, Google Products, Froogle…

Google Shopping made its debut in the early 2000’s thanks to Google Engineer Craig Nevill-Manning. There have been a few name changes since the early days. Perhaps you remember Google Product Search, Google Products, or the very punny Froogle? In the end though, we all know and love Google Shopping for what it is: a comparison shopping steam engine that you are either on board with or have sadly missed the train. If you fall in the latter category, you are missing out on some seriously qualified customers.

How does it work?

Google Shopping is a cost-per-click (CPC) marketing engine. Companies are only charged when a user clicks on your product and goes to your website. You bid on how much you are willing to pay-per-click (PPC). Of course, the higher the bid the higher the rank. Products are arranged by category and displayed based on how well your product title and description match the search query.

What about organic search results?

Products also appear during organic searches if relevant to the search term. Isn’t that nice of Google? Shoppers don’t even have to go to Google Shopping to see your inventory! It just naturally appears for them, giving them that little extra nudge to click. You also get complete control of the product information that is displayed, receive better website traffic, and increased click through rates. Not to mention, customers respond more positively to visual marketing, like Product Listing Ads (PLA’s), as opposed to text. They want to see what they are buying. Shoppers on Google are in the consideration stage so now would be the perfect time to show them why you are the best choice.

Do I really need it?

With Google commanding 65% of the search engine market, it’s almost irresponsible not to take advantage of this marketing strategy1. A 2015 survey by Marketing Land found that 13% of shoppers begin their product search on Google. They are second only to the retail giant Amazon which boasts an impressive 44% of the market share of shoppers1.

Want to try it but need some help getting started?

That’s where we come in. We understand how busy you are with day-to-day operations, so let us set you up for success on Google Shopping. For a limited time, MK SEO are offering a cut-price management service for PPC campaigns for only £199 per month! The return on investment from a Google Shopping campaign alone is worth this minimal expense to your company.


¹  Marvin, Ginny. "Amazon Is the Starting Point For 44 Percent Of Consumers Searching For Products. Is Google Losing, Then?" Marketing Land. October 08, 2015. Accessed August 09, 2016.