Facebook PPC

The most popular social media
and networking website in the
world allows you to place
Pay-Per-Click adverts in front
of its audience of 1.65bn users

PPC? On Social Media?

Every social media platform offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. These small ads are designed to target your key demographic. Similar to other platforms that offer PPC ads, you are only charged when someone clicks the ad to visit your website. Since 71% of online adults use Facebook, it is imperative to use PPC advertising on their network¹.

Typical ads on Facebook consist of two short lines of text, an image or video, and a URL. Facebook collects data on user interests which makes targeting your demographic a simple task. Users often post when they get engaged, adopt an animal, are expecting a baby, and a host of other life events.

Defining Your Audience

Additionally, Facebook maintains an inventory of user’s purchase and click history to help you narrow your focus. You can select to target users through filters such as:

Purchase behavior
Life events
Customized audience (new vs. returning customers)
Income level
Parental/marital status

You can even layer these target options. For example, you can select “engaged females in the 25-34 age group living in the United Kingdom”. It is marketing perfection!


Another great feature of Facebook’s PPC advertising is engagement. Users can not only visit your website, they can also “like”, “comment”, and “share” your post. The more engaging your advertisement, the higher the likelihood users will share the content. The audience size is limitless with quality content!

Brand Awareness

Maintaining a Facebook PPC campaign also helps to build brand awareness. As users are exposed to your ad appearing in their news-feed, they develop a passive awareness of your company. Even if they may not be ready to make a purchase yet, you are nurturing qualified leads by simply appearing and building a foundation of trust with your potential customers.

As your Facebook campaigns grow, the possibilities are endless. You can incentivise users to like or share your Facebook page and join your mailing list. Once you build a mailing list you are able to interact with customers by sending quality content, informative emails, and purchase offers.

Want to try it but need some help getting started?

If Facebook PPC advertising sounds like an opportunity your brand would benefit from, contact MK SEO to get started. Learn how we can build, launch, and maintain your campaign for our low monthly fee of £199.


¹  "Social Networking Fact Sheet." Pew Research Center Internet Science Tech RSS. December 27, 2013. Accessed August 10, 2016. http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/social-networking-fact-sheet/