Email Marketing

Reach out to past and
prospective customers
via email marketing…
(while not spamming them!)

What Is It?

Email marketing is a great way of keeping your customers (or potential customers) up-to-date with news about your company, great articles and offers or promotions.

Keep It Real!

We all hate spam, so we will help you build ethical email lists that nurture long term customer relationships. The foundation of these ethical lists are customer opt-ins. Once a customer subscribes to your list, we send them a personal verification email confirming their enrollment. Leave them with a great first impression.

Other ethical principles we adhere to are:

Notifying customers of exactly how their email will be used
Explaining and honoring frequency policies
Delivering on promises such as incentives and freebies
Promising never to resell their email or personal information
Never using misleading subject lines

Make It Responsive

In addition to earning the trust of customers through ethical email practices, the digital marketing experts at MK SEO develops responsive email templates. Responsive emails display the intended, optimal email design across all user devices. It no longer matters if a customer opens an email on their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, they can still read your correspondence in its correctly intended format.

Responsively designed emails are imperative. Statistically 51% of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices¹. If an email requires the customer to pinch and zoom with their fingers to interpret the message, there is an 80% delete rate². Don’t get deleted! Let MK SEO develop your responsive marketing templates.

Why Would I Use Email Marketing?

There are many circumstances that warrant email communication with your customers. Abandoned cart and browse emails are perfect reminders to send when someone browses your site, shows and interest, but doesn’t check out. Well-timed replenishment emails remind customers to refill previously placed orders. If a customer has not spent time on your website in the past few months, consider sending a win-back email. Nothing nurtures relationships better than timely “Happy Birthday” savings delivered to their inbox. Sending emails incentivising customers illustrates your understanding of their needs and ability to meet expectations.

Analyse The Results

Similar to other email automation software systems like MailChimp, Dotmailer, and Constant Contact, MK SEO monitors a large number of metrics to provide you with accurate data to better fuel your campaign. We analyse open, click through, opt out, conversion, bounce, and share rates amongst others. Not only will these metrics help formulate and improve each email campaign, but they allow you to perform quality A/B testing to identify powerful headlines.

Let Us Help

Don’t wait any longer! Ethics are the cornerstone of customer longevity. Start sending responsive, ethical emails to your customers and receiving priceless data to improve your digital marketing strategies in return. MK SEO are offering a management service for PPC campaigns, including marketing email automation, for only £199


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² Laggatt, Helen. "BlueHornet: 80% Delete Emails Not Optimized for Mobile." - Email Marketing. March 18, 2013. Accessed August 10, 2016.