Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC)
online marketing opportunity
very similar to Google Adwords
but a with lower search volume
(for now…..!)

Bing what?

Bing Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) online marketing opportunity for any business with a web presence. Formerly known as the Microsoft Ad Center (MSN Ad Center), Bing Ads boasts a commendable 18.1% of the market share in the United Kingdom and Microsoft claims Bing is used by 45% of UK users whether they recognize it or not¹. If you aren’t already using Bing Ads you are losing access to an impressive customer base.

How do bing ads work?

Similar to other cost-per-click (CPC) services, you create your Bing Ad using carefully crafted keywords intended to match customer search terms. You bid on these keywords knowing that the higher amount you bid, the higher your ranking will be. To help decide on keywords and see optimal bid ranges, you can use Bing’s handy Keyword Tool. You are only charged when a customer clicks on the link and goes to your site. With MK SEO, Bing Ads is included in our low monthly fee so you never have to worry about Bing’s fee!

You can target demographics with militant precision using Bing Ads. Narrow your focus by location, date, time, age, gender, device used, and language spoken.

You can even set your ads to deploy in different time zones. With Bing Ads you can really focus your marketing on customers that are ready and able to convert.

The growth of bing ads

AOL recently acquired Microsoft’s advertising operations, including Bing Ads. In return, AOL has agreed to use Bing as its browser of choice instead of Google². This means that your Bing Ad will be seen on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. That’s incredible! The number of potential customers has just multiplied. There is less competition for Bing Ads (for now) so you can bid lower and rank higher than might be possible with Google Adwords.

Is it relevant in the United Kingdom?

Each month in the UK, 766 million searches are conducted with Bing by users³. With exposure like that, why wouldn’t you want in? Expand your online presence, get noticed, and acquire new customers with Bing Ads.

Need a hand?

If you need help optimising your ecommerce website, contact MK SEO. We have some great ideas and will bundle the cost of a Bing Ad into our low monthly fee of £199 as part of our management service for PPC campaigns.



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