About us

We’re probably the best value
for money digital marketing
agency you’ll ever need…

Where it all started

MK SEO was created by two digital marketing experts who, between them, have nearly 30 years experience in driving traffic to websites.

From the very early days back in 2002 when we first signed up to Google Adwords, we knew that it was going to be a game changer.  It provides Google alone revenue of over £50 billion per year!

We have extensive experience in natural search too, where we leverage website content and quality links from other websites to drive sustainable and profitable traffic.

Why you need an agency

The thing that we’ve noticed most over the years is how complicated it has all become. Digital marketing is a massive industry and trying to get someone to work on your campaigns is expensive.

We don’t doubt the capability of their staff, but some of the larger agencies will spend less than an hour a month on your paid marketing campaigns. According to a survey carried out in 2015 the average privately owned agency cost per hour was an incredible £86!

Yes, you can afford it!

That seems a bit excessive to us, which is why we’ve created a small agency with a distinctively different model. We’re not aiming at our services at major household brands or PLC’s, we’re targeting small businesses that genuinely need help and assistance in managing their digital campaigns.

That’s why we’re charging £199* per month for our service. That’ll get you roughly one days work from one of our friendly consultants and a monthly report showing how it’s performed and what we’re planning for the following month.

Services tailored to your needs

If you’ve got a new product or service that you’re launching, we’ll work with you to target the relevant market segments, do some competitors analysis, and produce a marketing strategy – all within our standard monthly charge.

Your actual monthly spend with Google (or Bing, FB, LinkedIn, etc) for paid search is up to you. We suggest starting low, and let us analyse where the account is performing well and where it isn’t. We’ll calculate ROI’s with you in order that you can spend profitably.

“But we could do this ourselves, right?”

Yes, you could do this yourself. But imagine the time that you will be taking yourself away from your core business activities to do so. We’re doing this day-in-day-out, and we’ve got years of experience. Our optimisation work on your campaign nearly always covers our costs as we eliminate spend in the wrong areas.

We know business

One final thing that separates us from a lot of other digital marketing agencies – we’ve got proper business acumen earned from running our own eCommerce businesses. We’ll understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve and come up with a cohesive marketing plan to support it.

We genuinely want to help small local businesses achieve more and compete successfully in the digital arena. Whether you are a £1m turnover Window and Door company, a 24 hour Locksmith, a Dental Practice or are launching a potential £5m+ turnover eCommerce website, talk to us.

trust us, we’re experts

Our Experience

Experts in managing Pay Per Click accounts of any size.  Get your company advert on the first page of Google!

Our fully managed PPC service offers great value for money.  For £199 per month (+ PPC spend), our consultants will tweak and optimise your campaigns to maximise ROI.

Talk to us about how we can help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can help you plan and create unique and rich content in order that your site performs well in natural (non-paid) listings.  We’ll also source quality backlinks from other websites and appropriate directories.

We can take ownership of your email marketing campaigns with industry best-practice techniques.

We’ve been producing compelling email marketing ‘eshots’ for 15 years.  Let us design, manage and send your marketing communications for you.

Value for Money

Did you know the average digital marketing agency charges £86 per hour?

That’s just over £600 per day.  Think about it, how can that ever represent value for money?  We’re championing our £199 month Pay Per Click management service – much better value wouldn’t you agree?

Why are some agencies so expensive?

Many agencies have huge marketing budgets themselves, with sales teams on commission for each signup.  Prestige offices don’t come cheap, but then large blue chip companies that use their services expect nothing less.

How are MK SEO different?

We never have to pitch for work – we know our service represents great value.  We don’t have large overheads and our Google certified consultants work on more modest hourly rates.