So, what do I get for £199 per month?

We offer a range of different services, but most popular is our £199 per month Pay Per Click account management service (such as Google Adwords) aimed at the smaller business. Don't forget, we are Adwords Experts - let us be your trusted PPC Company!

This is a billed monthly in advance service that will get you 1 days work (7 hours) per month on your account from our Adwords Consultants. This offers the best value for your company as you can be assured that one of our consultants will be monitoring / tweaking / improving your campaigns constantly over the month.

We will spread the 7 hours out over the month in order that we can monitor and adjust your campaign and identify any issues as early as possible.

If you are new to Pay Per Click advertising then we will create the necessary PPC accounts for you. We’ll need to work closely with you in order to identify areas to target and potential keywords. We’ll also have a look to see what your competitors are doing.

If the campaign setup is going to take us longer than a day then we’ll either quote you for some additional time, or phase the setup of the campaign over 2 or 3 months in order that you stay within the budgeted £199 per month.

We’ll never charge you more than £199 per month without contacting you first to discuss.

We also offer other services, such as:

SEO strategy / implementation
Article / content writing
Business Consultancy
Social Media Management
Email marketing


All of these consultancy services are invoiced at a rate £28.42 per hour inclusive, or £199 per day based on 7 hours. Additional costs may be incurred for software licensing (e.g. Email Marketing software), travel costs where necessary, or any other associated costs.


Here’s a simple example:-

John Smith UPVC Door and Windows Ltd, based in Bedford, required someone to manage their Google Adwords advertising in order that they appeared at the top of page 1 on for their top search keywords.

They had a monthly budget to spend of £800.

We charge them £199 per month to fully manage their Google Adwords advertising.

In the third month of running the campaign, we decide that only 3 hours are needed on the Google Adwords account that month. Instead, we spend the remaining 4 hours writing some content articles and improving on-site SEO in order that the site ranks better for natural search. The customer is still only billed £199 for the month.